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Story Behind Gardens Across the World

This idea and concept, was passed on to me by My mother. she was the one who Branded the Name Full Circle Outreach, and it has stayed with me all these years. Gardening Landscaping and helping others was my Mothers Passion, and it was a natural way of living for her. As a child i watched and copied everything she did in her garden, and with people. This inspired me Early On. Now i have vamped this concept into something incredible. Not only does this department assist and help people on a recreational level with gardening and Simple to Complex Landscaping, but we also help build Gardens around the world by sponsoring and sending seeds and needed items to places like Africa and Jamaica and many other Island. Life is about stability and Production and Growth. these are Key factors in most everything we successfully set out to accomplish. We never want helping someone to put them in a position where they must come back and depend solely on us. The idea is to create a love and a drive to Produce and Reproduce to the massive, so self driven accomplishment, are the foundation to respect for ones self, Our Country Land and Culture. If you are interested in become and Affiliate and you have an Organization or Agency, where you are in direct contact with changing the lives of your Community or Group Contact me lets grow together, and help others to generate the feelings of success that comes from the Hobby and Profession, For Lawn and Garden care. call for and appointment and free Consult. We are here to work with you and for you to make tomorrow a greener and better day Jah Love and Blessings

2020 Summer Renewal Beautification Project Marcus Hook

Greeting Kings and Queens, well 2020 has given all of us great challenges and pitfalls. however i am happy to let you know all is not lost. We will be starting a Project in the little Town of Marcus Hook. that will Incorporate Volunteers, Community Service Individuals. and Hopefully some of the Residence of this Small  Suburban area of Pa. This will start Mid July of 2021 going right through Sept 2022. We will be a big part of the re-beautification of this Town. From individual Resident Homes and personal front and back Lawns to Mickey Vernon Park. Brightening up the Landscape and making a difference in the lives of Peoples  World and Community. Changing Landscape, and creating beauty that will last forever. For our Community Service People this will serve as double hours and Real work Experience, with references upon Completion, and A Certificate to show you played a big part in changing the outer face of a Community. For the Volunteers it will give you and intrinsic sense of pride, to share your time with this Organization. And for the Residents that Volunteer well for you it will give you a sense of Community, to play apart in the beauty of you own personal surrounding. Very Soon we will be coming around to visit Residents and asking if they would like for their Lawns to be apart of this program. the benefit is not just to create a beautiful block, but to have your Yard Landscaped with no charge to you, who could ask for more. We will be taking before and after pictures, that will be posted on this site and in a Portfolio regarding Landscape and Community Beautification.. If you are interested contact us. as of today, we have a Handful of Individuals and many Community Service Clients ready to go. for them this is a great chance to gain Profit Potential Skill, they can use for a lifetime. 

Blessed love hope to see you out there.

Our Recent Work

planting the seeds of life

creating a place of meditation

Our Recent Work

The Original Black rice Hair rinse

Plant life , Life supports life


From this day forward, everything that you eat that has seeds in it, take them out and save them, and then plant them. nothing special nothing fancy become creative, make sure if you are using the potted method put a few holes in the bottom. if you are gardening outside be careful little creatures find planted seeds super yummy. so start in a container or pot of any kind. and notice the joy you finally feel once the seedling you planted began to grow. record your progress.keep and Gardening Journal. i call my Log "LIFE"