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Under a New Normal, we will be having workshops via Zoom, we will have individual outreach under skype, Hangout and any other app that our Clients may have, Our Community Service Department will be starting up Soon, Starting with Landscape and a New  Beautification Project in Delaware County and the Philadelphia Area. This project will not only be to strengthen Communities effected by the Pandemic and Riots, but to build a place of beauty and pride. Our Homes are our Refuge it should always be a place of Beauty, Cleanliness, Fresh Air and Safety.

To become a volunteer outside of Community Service work, please contact us via email, and you may also give us a call, and leave a detailed message. In the summer months most of our volunteer work involves Landscaping, Outdoors cleaning, and Homeless outreach, along with Prison Outreach.

Because of the Pandemic, we will be doing things a bit different, we will still offer most of our services, but in addition we are adding a few new things. I will Discuss them more when i gave my first Cyber Workshop. This is a rough time for everyone, but it doesn't mean all is lost, Some of the greatest discoveries come out of Devastation and Chaos.

Use meditation to promote Peace & Calmness and Healing

Learn how we can help you reach your Full Potential. No matter who you are, or where you have been Jah/Rah Loves you. All things are created and sustained through Kemetics Alchemy and the undeniable forces of Melanin  . Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. We are truly in a time of Uncertainty, and finding a place of peace is more relevant than ever, The Pandemic has created a state of fear in many, and in other a state of dismissiveness, both are extremely Dangerous, One cripples you to the point of Non Productive behaviors, and the others creates an atmosphere of disregard for the safety of others. One of the reason you always hear the saying of finding peace, it is because we are living in a hell of a situation. Even in our daily attempts to make peace with others it can be a incredibly  difficult thing to do. Sometimes it seems some people don't want peace. this is not true, it's not that they don't want it, It is not easy to find, and most people give in and give up. It is my hope that you will take this journey and learn new ways to live in this world we call home. .


Learn meditation techniques for daily life

Hello and Welcome. My Name is Empress Essie Teagle, and I would like to share my story with you. this website will cover many areas of Spirituality and Physical  awareness within yourself and our Community the World. This site has evolved with me. It began as just an Outreach for the Homeless, Woman in Transition, Men in Transition, Sponsoring International Ministries. Prison Ministries, every Outreach you can think of, I was apart of it. as I grew so did my view and insight on this world. I am a survivor to put it mildly. This is a second Generation Organization. The Originator of this was my Mother Evg.Lilliann Teagle. who taught me everyone deserves love and a chance to repair what they have damaged. My mother was a very Special Lady, born with a vale, just as I was, with great insight on things a True Empath she called them visions. she was a loving and warm spirit. that would do anything for anyone at any time,she passed this down to me, sometimes its a blessing and sometime its not. I am a third Level Certified Reiki Master, Fitness and Wellness Trainer, and a Certified Substance abuse Counselor, and a Certified Life Coach .Fitness and Good health inside out is my entire life. I am here to show you the way to escape the stress of this world, and find that inner peace that is needed In this struggle we call life. I also Assist those in transition in life. which happens to be most of us, Come and take this journey with me.

Our Recent Work

Inspirational message

Sometimes it seems being a good person is under rated i challenge you to be a decent person, and take into consideration the needs and safety of other, don't turn a blind eye, and know that you have the power in life to create what every existence you want for yourself, being caring is vital to having a fulfilling existence, sometimes this is hard, and sometimes you will be hated for it, but you must not turn a blind eye. to deny others you are denying yourself in the process.

Planting a mental and moral seed is Everlasting

My joy in life is not just planting Mental and Spiritual seeds, but also planting seeds literally. You see this is something that benefits others as well as yourself, and the future of those in your life, and even those who have spent a brief  amount of time with you. How we move, our energy said  everything about who we are, at time our words may seem different because of situations or moods, but ultimately it is our actions that seal the deal, its what our Mode of Operation is that tells people what we are really made of , make sure your life lines up with caring and helping. This is never easy, i find the more passion we have for life, the more we are misunderstood, and misused by other, having the Nature of an Empath is a struggle, however there is an internal joy, and it feeds your life force, people will see you and will never be able to deny , the glow the energy the vibe that you have, Jah Love and Peace Kings and Queens

What our Volunteers and Clients are saying

I have never seen an Organization, that cover so many areas of support. and still remain humble in doing so. I have gain strength Knowledge and wisdom. I have learned to reach out to others while connecting with my own demons. I have learned we are all one situation from being in another mans shoes. and we should always walk in humility with  intent geared towards respect for nature and mankind as a whole

What our Volunteers and Community Workers are saying

I came to this Organization with a Drug and Alcohol problem On Probation for the forth time, i didn't feel like i could change at all, and i didn't feel like anyone cared or even noticed me, i had a chance to talk one on one with Ms. SC and after hearing her story, and looking in her face, i felt like i was at home. the only way i can explain it is, she told me. i can do anything i want to do. she said she believed in me. no body told me that before. she was open about her own life experiences which made me feel comfortable and not ashamed of the things i was always ashamed of. i have never talked to anyone like her before

Recent Comment

I talked to the Director on the phone about my situation, i am a survivor of many things, being abandoned by my Mom, in and out of Jail, always making the wrong choices, but feeling like they were right when i made them. i want to do better i felt like because i had no family, or support i couldn't do it. When Ms Essie Share a bit of her life story with me, we both cried. i believe sisters should hold up each other, and the conversation i had with her lifted my spirits.i feel better today than i felt yesterday. And its all because of what was said to me, which was " you are not alone"