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Full Circle Outreach Ministries International offers a host of Support Services, to assist help and guild Individuals through times of crisis and struggle. Our no judgment community of Volunteers. knows first hand because most have had struggles that they themselves have overcome, and are now here to present there Mess and their Ministry. to help assist others in a delicate times of need

Homeless Outreach

We provide services for those individuals that are without permanent shelter, by providing food clothing and referrals. we also provide rides to interviews and helping to setup an address to be used on an application. We provide emotional support through Life Coaching and Zoom sessions

[email protected]

Families of the Incarcerated

We provide transportation to and from the Facility in Philadelphia and Delaware County and some surrounding areas. we setup mail and video connections with family and the Incarcerated when possible. we provide Friend of a Friend workshops for adult families and loved ones of the Incarcerated can meet and we provide support groups Adults Only. We provide pickup Release services for Newly released Individuals. with no means of transportation from a  location .We provide workshops to explain to family Members who don't know the process that takes place just to have a visit, this helps Families Understand what happens in order for a visit to take place

[email protected]

Rebuilding a better you

Many times things happen in our lives that knock us off our feet. like being arrested going to jail. getting hooked on a substance, physical abuse, Mental abuse, and Social Abuse. Death of a Love or ones ability to loss grip with life around you. these different set of challenges and many time make us feel we will tilt over and fall on our faces never to rise again. No family or Friend support and we feel completely alone in this world. Well you are not if this is what you are  experiencing contact

[email protected]

Community Services​

[email protected]

Our Organization and Agency provides Community Services for Individual who want to Volunteer and those who have Court Order. We provide an number of different types of community service programs, the thing that is

different about our agency is once the work is successfully completed it can be used as work experiences. We do Clothes and Food distribution, and Gardening and Landscape work, home repairs and painting and trash removal along with many other Manuel labor jobs.

[email protected]

Gardens Across th​e World

Our Organization Provides seeds to communities across the world to start of self running stand on your own gardens to feed the community we provide the seeds and growing Instructions. We also provide workshop on teaching community leader. how to bring their own communities together using our program.

[email protected]

Communit​y Advocates

Our Organization and agency are here to be the voice for those who are not being heard. or feel they are not strong enough to do it on their own, in doing this we empower the individual through active help to believe that they are valued and important and what they need to say is vital. we advocate for those in Government ran facilities, and State and County, we advocate for New to this Country Residents making sure they have all the right documents, we provide a step by step approach for those who need. and extra helping hand on a professional level

[email protected]

My goal for this page is to help people that feel emotionally isolated and alone, to know that someone else is here to speak and assist on your behalf, someone under and innerstands the rough and tricky road of trying to stand up for yourself and be the best possible version of yourself you can be. it is very easy to look at a person and say what they need to do, or what they should do , it another thing to be an active part in helping them reach that destination. We are here to assist in reaching that destination.