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What is meditation?

Finding a hiding place within oneself is a great thing, Meditation is all about existing in great movement and chaos, and creating stillness, it is about become one with the movement of the earth while all else stands still. it is about coming face to face with you, understanding and overstanding that you're being here is what makes it all possible. Meditation is about oneness and many, it's about large and small. the rewards that you will gain, from Meditation, from spiritual soul re-awakening will change your life for the better. welcome to the Rest of your Life. If you have ever heard the word shadow work, this is what i am speaking of others call it self-inventory, it's a time to see you, the good the bad and the ugly, in order to heal and grow, we must first see our true selves, embrace and embark upon change then repair, this act alone, makes others energy, vibe, and frequency clearer to you

Stillness is Chaos

No matter how much we may believe we have no place to escape life craziness we really do. Try waking up as early as possible that moment just before the Sun comes up, sit out side, if not able to open a window, the first thing i want you to notice is the difference in the texture of the air, Yes i said texture. Then i want you to notice the smell, that too is different. Now close your eyes and be in that moment for a moment, and now began to think of what this day will bring, or should i say what you want it to bring, will it into existence for you. This is just one step towards finding that peace in Chaos.

Preparing yourself for a higher state of awareness

Ceremonial Grade Matcha, will literally change your life, don't be mislead it will not taste the way you think it will. I suggest you drink this before or after Meditation, in a place where you can create stillness. I personally Drink Matcha before and After a Reiki Session. i prepare it sit it on my Mandala. and once i am done it is just the right way for consuming, don't forget to keep the whisk with you.


Creating an environment to level out the vibe, and to exist in the moment, even in Chaos this is a delicate one, finding stillness in this is a true gift and talent. this video will just give you some basics to look into regarding Finding energy and peace within everything and everyday stressor.

Inner standing all 12 Kemetic Vibrational points

The pattern in which these videos are set up is the exact pattern in which this approach should be taking place right here and now. If this seems like something, you are interested in getting more involved with email me and set up and appointment. We are now setting up Workshops, with only ten people per Workshop in Philadelphia, Wilmington, New Jersey and New York, and in Aston Pa Tell and Friend or Family



As we go deeper into the fullness of Overstanding & innerstanding when it pertains to Energy, Life and Full joy Balance, we must never forget, the birthrights of Momma Earth the gifts that are created to produce lasting life. the Ocean, Trees, Sky, Wind, and Fire everything ties in together. Peace and complete Balance